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Illustrator and artist from Belgium, Europe.

Born in the late 1980s, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts and have worked as a freelance illustrator since. More recently, I started working with clay, oil paintings and pencils on all kind of supports. With a huge importance given to research and experimentation, these forms of art are a mean to express something more personal, my deepest concerns and thoughts.

I work in a home-studio in the quiet yet vibrant countryside surrounded by trees, cats and buzzards. Feel free to contact me here, I’d love to hear from you (I speak French and English).


Diesel, Armani, Hugo Boss, Sephora, Lancel, Rimmel, Glamour, Éditions Marabout, Astor Cosmetics, Richard Mille, Auchan, Le Figaro Magazine, Juliette Has a Gun,ELLE Belgium, Fleurus Éditions, Gala Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Milk Magazine, Clairol, Marie-Claire Magazine, Sarenza.com, The Famous Grouse, LaHalle.com, Undiz, Maison Moderne, RadioShack Nissan Trek Magazine, CLÉS Magazine, Task Force, Total, Unicef, Le Vif Weekend Magazine, Victoire Magazine, Runner’s World Magazine, Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine, Gloss Magazine, Yahoo & Coca-Cola, BC Mag (AUS), Designers Against Child Slavery, Always…

Represented in France by Oxy Illustration Agency and Story Telling
and in the UK by Lemonade


2018 – Group exhibition at Lemonade Gallery | London
2018 – Exhibition with Anne Loriers and Fabienne Damoiseaux | Luxembourg
2016 – Star Wars Day Exhibition | Bruxelles, Belgium
2015 – Boutique Unique et Fabuleuse | Liège, Belgium
2015 – “Portrait” at BeLynx Gallery | Liège, Belgium
2015 – Mutuo Art Gallery | Barcelona, Spain
2015 – Carole Wilmet x La Fabric | Arlon, Belgium
2014 – “Arts Numériques” at BeLynx Gallery | Liège, Belgium
2013 – DDessin [13] | Paris, France
2013 – Concept’Art | Liege, Belgium
2012 – “Face à Face” exhibition | Paris, France
2011 – Designers Against Child Slavery Episodes | New York City, USA
2011 – Fashion Week Illustrée at Hotel Westin | Paris, France
2011 – Glamour Magazine Exhibition, Galerie Ofr. | Paris, France
2011 – Chic & Cheap Exhibition | Liege, Belgium
2010 – Designers Against Child Slavery Exposé | Columbia, SC, USA