Hi I’m Carole. I’m an illustration and artist.
I work mainly as a fashion and editorial illustrator.

I am mostly inspired by the everyday life. In a society where fame is so appealing, I like to focus on all the little things that we do everyday. In my work, I try to depict the life and habits of the 21st century life in a matter of fashion and appearance. In my opinion, fashion is fascinating for what it says about an individual and his or her personality and choices — and, at the same time, nothing at all.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts and work as a freelance illustrator since. I also paint and work with clay.

I live in the South of Belgium, feel free to contact me here (I speak French and English).

Clients & Friends

Diesel, Armani, Sephora, Lancel, Rimmel, Glamour, Éditions Marabout, Astor Cosmetics, Richard Mille, Le Figaro Magazine, Juliette Has a Gun, Fleurus Éditions, Gala Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Milk Magazine, Clairol, ELLE Belgium, Marie-Claire Magazine, Sarenza.com, LaHalle.com, Undiz, Maison Moderne, RadioShack Nissan Trek Magazine, CLÉS Magazine, Task Force, Total, Unicef, Le Vif Weekend Magazine, Victoire Magazine, Runner’s World Magazine, Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine, Gloss Magazine, Yahoo & Coca-Cola, BC Mag (AUS), Designers Against Child Slavery, Always, Belgian Deleguate for Children Rights…

Represented in France by Oxy Illustration Agency and Story Telling
and in the UK by Lemonade

Past Exhibitions

2016 – Star Wars Day Exhibition | Bruxelles, Belgium
2015 – Boutique Unique et Fabuleuse | Liège, Belgium
2015 – “Portrait” at BeLynx Gallery | Liège, Belgium
2015 – Mutuo Art Gallery | Barcelona, Spain
2015 – Carole Wilmet x La Fabric | Arlon, Belgium
2014 – “Arts Numériques” at BeLynx Gallery | Liège, Belgium
2013 – DDessin [13] | Paris, France
2013 – Concept’Art | Liege, Belgium
2012 – “Face à Face” exhibition | Paris, France
2011 – Designers Against Child Slavery Episodes | New York City, USA
2011 – Fashion Week Illustrée at Hotel Westin | Paris, France
2011 – Glamour Magazine Exhibition, Galerie Ofr. | Paris, France
2011 – Chic & Cheap Exhibition | Liege, Belgium
2010 – Designers Against Child Slavery Exposé | Columbia, SC, USA




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