Recently, I have tried to find the perfect type of paint for me. It needs to be both eco-friendly and quick to dry, as I’m a very impatient person when it comes to drawing and painting. I avoid acrylic paints because they’re made of plastic and I love working with oil paints but I avoid them because they smell too much for a home studio (turpentine is not the most floral scent ever).

I have used eco-friendly paints for a while, made of clay and with natural pigments. I have checked the composition and you could almost eat those. They don’t smell, they dry fast… a little too fast maybe, which is their main default at the moment. But the best thing: I can ask to the supplier any color I want from their color chart, they just mix them in front of me. Then they fill my little tin can, there’s no other kind of packaging, no trash, no waste.

So this is Lucrèce, another attempt at eco painting. I still need to find a way to extend the drying process (add a little oil in them maybe) and test different kinds of varnishes on top. Stay tuned.

Lucrèce, clay paint on A4 paper, 2022.