Carole Wilmet is a South Belgium- and Luxembourg-based drawing artist.

She is fascinated by the human figure, bodies and portraits alike, and the way we interact with our surroundings. In her work, she tries to explore what being human means today, considering not only the physical aspects but also everything that is on the inside, well-hidden.

She starts her career in the fashion industry and works for many prestigious brands and clients (Armani, Lancel, ELLE Magazine…). An interest for fashion, and especially street fashion, that will never leave her. To her, it’s a way to depict the life and habits of the 21st century in a matter of social status and belonging. The way we dress is fascinating for what is says about us as individuals, our personality and choices — while, at the same time, saying nothing at all.

Starting from the outside, her interest goes beyond appearances to dig a little deeper. Her drawings focus on the unseen, the unpredictable, everything that is beyond human control or grasp, randomness being an important part of her work process.

She also draws inspiration from medieval imagery or symbolic and isoteric sources such as symbols, as a way to draw parallels between humanity then and humanity now, with a certain nostalgia for a time in which humans would live in harmony with nature, when science couldn’t explain everything, and imagination would fill in the gaps. Living in an eco-house in the Belgian countryside, she developed an important link to nature in her working process and everyday habits.


Fashion and editorial: Armani, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Sephora, Lancel, Astor, Richard Mille, Maison Moderne Publishing, Marabout Editions and many more.

Works published in various magazines: ELLE, The Irish Times, Le Figaro, Le Vif Weekend, Victoire Magazine, Milk Magazine, Marie-Claire, Glamour, Grazia, Gala, Cosmopolitan…


Finalist of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 | CACLB, Belgium
Finalist of the Prix de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée 2019 | La Louvière, Belgium
Winner of the Glamour Magazine Price for Illustration 2011 | Paris, France



2015 — Mutuo Art Gallery, Barcelona (ES)
2015 — Carole Wilmet x La Fabric, Arlon (BE)


2021 — Mille Galerie (with F. Damoiseau and J. Feltes), Beckerich (LU)
2021 — Space H2O, Differdange (LU)
2021 — Ateliers Partagés (with Amine Jaafari), Neufchâteau (BE)
2021 — CACLB, Prix du Luxembourg, Montauban (BE)
2020 — Printemps de la Gravure at Espace Beau Site, Arlon (BE)
2019 — Prix de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée at Musée de la Gravure, La Louvière (BE)
2018 — Lemonade Gallery, London (UK)
2018 — Maison Communale (with A. Loriers and F. Damoiseaux), Esch-sur-Sûre (LU)
2016 — Star Wars Day Exhibition, Bruxelles (BE)
2015 — Portrait at BeLynx Gallery, Liege (BE)
2014 — Arts Numériques at BeLynx Gallery, Liege (BE)
2013 — DDessin [13], Paris (FR)
2012 — Face à Face, Paris (FR)
2011 — Designers Against Child Slavery Episodes, New York City (US)
2011 — Fashion Week Illustrée at Hotel Westin, Paris (FR)
2011 — Glamour Magazine Price for Illustration Exhibition, Galerie Ofr., Paris (FR)
2010 — Designers Against Child Slavery Exposé, Columbia, SC (US)