Lives and works in Belgium and Luxembourg.

I am fascinated by the human figure. I try to approach what being a human means in many different ways, with various tools and techniques. I consider the physical aspects but also everything that is on the inside.

My work focuses on the unseen, the unpredictable, everything that is beyond human control or grasp, randomness being an important part of my work process.


Armani, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Sephora, Lancel, Glamour, Richard Mille, Le Figaro Magazine, ELLE Belgium, Milk Magazine, Maison Moderne Publishing and many more.


Finalist of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 | CACLB, Belgium
Finalist of the Prix de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée 2019 | La Louvière, Belgium
Winner of the Glamour Price for Illustration 2011 | Paris, France