Installation in collaboration with photographer Lynn Theisen, 2022,
150 x 150 cm, red vinyl fabric.
Photograph displayed in Kayl, Leiffrächen, a former mining site.

The starting point of this project is the colour red. It is a reference to the Terres Rouges, but also to the points on maps that indicate the position of the viewer. It’s a given point on the map, but also in time. We stand where other men used to stand, work, live. The responsability of what is to become of this place — and of all places in general — is now up to us. If we know the past, the future has yet to be written. Our position today, whether in space or time, will determine the outcome.

The installation works as a filter applied to reality. It warps the scene and suggests another point of view on the scene. It suggests fire, tension, toil. It invites us to acknowledge the weight of the years, the weight of this special place.