Graphite on canvas.
Each roughly 22x25cm, 2021.

In order to create this series of quick and instinctive portraits on canvas, I assembled pictures of my parents as young adults in a morphing software using A.I. From these assemblies, an infinite number of new faces were born, generated randomly and including my parents’ facial features. These portraits represent as many possible me’s, all those others I could have been if any factor had been altered. They allow me to explore the definitive and apparently random nature of genetics.

In an era where it becomes possible to make babies à la carte, to choose the hair or eye color of one’s future child through genetic manipulations, a practice that disturbingly eludes ethical considerations, it seemed necessary for me to emphasize that the magic in reproduction and in all other aspects of human life lies in everything we do not control.

I thought this series as an ode to randomness.