Blood on paper.
Each 27x36cm, 2019-2020.

Conceived as a reflection on femininity in the present era, these drawings serve as both an ode to the female body and a critique of how it is perceived and understood in society. This series is based on research into the side effects of contraceptive pills. Presented as a revolutionary medical breakthrough, it has been described for decades only in its most positive aspects, concealing the downsides of such an invention. From side effects to tests conducted on non-consenting Puerto Rican women, and the gender inequality it induces, all these aspects were long kept in silence.

The reflection extends beyond gender considerations to delve into the hidden side of progress, technologies, and other scientific advancements, emphasizing that each success, each improvement, also carries its shadow. The work evokes the harmony of the lunar cycle, from which emerges the unsettling portrait of Gregory Pincus, co-inventor of the contraceptive pill. Operating as a warning against Western dualism, this project aims to remind us that every positive aspect also has its shades of gray.